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Unsatisfied Ouya users can get a credit

by on05 August 2013

CEO acknowledges problems in Email to Kickstarters

If you happen to be one of the Kickstarter supporters of the Ouya, you received an Email from CEO Julie Uhrman last week. If you didn’t examine the Email closely, you might have missed the admission from Uhrman that she realizes a number of Kickstarters supporters are unhappy.

In an effort to right things, Uhrman acknowledges that Ouya had some growing pains, which included late shipments, missing controllers, and slow replies from customer support. She went on to say that the company does appreciate those that have supported the Ouya project; and to help smooth things over, she is offering unsatisfied customers a $13.37 credit to spend in the Ouya Discover store.

We are not sure how much difference a $13.37 credit is going to make to Ouya Kickstarter supporters. We can tell you from our own experience that we are not as happy as we could have been; but as with everything else, we believe that it is going to take time. The Ouya needs to continue to grow and we do believe in the potential of the platform, but it didn’t make the kind of impression that we expected out of the gate. Still, you have to give credit to Uhrman for trying to help make things right.

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