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Xbox One & PS4 use HDMI output only

by on12 June 2013

Other connection options nonexistent going forward

One interesting thing of note is that with the introduction of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both consoles are moving to HDMI-only output, which means that if your TV does not support or offer an HDMI input you are out of luck.


The Wii U still supports connections other than HDMI, but if you want to connect your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 you will need an HDTV that supports at least 720p and offers at least one HDMI input.

The reality is that this will not cause problems for most that have made the transition to HDTVs that offer HDMI inputs; but if you happen to have one of the first or second generation HDTVs that use component cables, you are going to be out of luck.

Last modified on 12 June 2013
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