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Crash Course 2 free on 360

by on09 May 2013

Release not without problems

The ever-popular Doritos Crash Course is back again on Xbox Live Arcade. The free game release sponsored by Doritos delivers four new worlds with new obstacles, traps, and pitfalls for you to get through using your avatar.

The thing is that all is not well with the release of Crash Course 2. After downloading it this evening, we were unable to connect to the server to play the game. After several failed attempts, we waited about an hour, only to be greeted by a quick download that changed the message in the screen to say that we should try to play the game in about an hour. Still, an hour later we were unable to check out Crash Course 2.

According to what we have been able to learn so far, the developers are working on resolving the issue with Microsoft. It would be hard for us to think that Microsoft would not be ready for the onslaught of players wanting to experience the fun of Crash Course 2. Still, we have tried yet again to play Crash Course 2 and it still isn’t working.

We suspect that the developers and Microsoft will resolve the problem soon. In the meantime, you can download it so that you will be ready once everything is good to go. We can hardly wait, since we had such a blast playing the first Crash Course.

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