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Forza 5 & Ryse among launch titles

by on12 April 2013

Xbox Next to get new & old franchises

As the initial launch for the Xbox Next grows closer, we are starting to learn more about what those lucky enough to be early adopters will be playing on it. Microsoft is apparently planning both new and established franchises to support the launch of the new console.

Remember in 2011 at E3 when Microsoft was talking about a new Roman empire-based game that would be developed by Crytek as an exclusive for the Xbox platform? Well, the game, known as Ryse, that was thought to be a Kinect title for the Xbox 360 will apparently skip that system and instead be one of the launch titles for the Xbox Next; and it will take advantage of the new Kinect 2.0. The game is apparently what Microsoft is positioning as its new Gears of War/Halo title for the Xbox Next.

Microsoft isn’t going to be stopping there, as it is also expected to announce a new Turn 10-developed Forza title which is expected to be Forza 5. A new Zombie title, as well as a new cartoon title that uses Kinect 2.0 to scan the player and put them in the game, are said to also be expected.

Beyond the Microsoft titles, the company is banking on strong third party software support to fill in the gaps, with other launch titles like UbiSoft’s Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 that are expected to arrive with the launch of the console. Other publishers such as Electronic Arts and Take 2 are expected to also have new titles for the system to arrive at launch.

Read more about the Xbox Next expected launch titles here.


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