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FFOW 1.1.0 Update in final testing

by on29 May 2008

Both the PC and Xbox 360 update close to release

Things have been a bit quiet on the Frontlines Fuel of War front as of late, while the developers at Kaos studios have been putting their collective noses to the grindstone to push out the long awaited 1.1.0 patches for both the PC and Xbox 360 platforms.

According to Kaos the 1.1.0 update for the PC is in final testing now. The 1.1.0 update has been given to host providers, friends, and family for testing prior to release. Kaos says that they are near the finish line on getting the PC 1.1.0 update out the door.

As for the Xbox 360 1.1.0 update, things were quiet until Kaos let us in on what is going on. Apparently Kaos submitted the 1.1.0 update to Microsoft, and one feature caused an issue that Microsoft was concerned about and wanted Kaos to address.

Kaos was quick to address the issue and resubmit the 1.1.0 update for the Xbox 360 version to Microsoft and they are waiting on them. They expect to get some feedback from Microsoft soon, and once they do, they plan to update the community on when to expect the update. Part of the reason that this is taking a bit longer than normal is the fact that the 1.1.0 update is a large update.

One interesting comment that Kaos made about the 1.1.0 update for the Xbox 360 is the fact that they have some exciting plans for FFOW on the 360 in the near future and this update plays a large part in getting the 360 version ready for these plans.

While it is almost certain that they will not get the 1.1.0 update out the door before the end of the month, a release during the first or second week of June looks to be quite possible on both platforms.

Last modified on 29 May 2008
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