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Blezinski will wait longer before making a move

by on28 February 2013

That is our prediction, based on latest writings

One thing you can say about CliffyB…he has an opinion on just about everything, and he isn’t afraid to talk about his thoughts and offer his opinions. If you follow Blezinski’s Twitter feed and have read some of the interviews that he has given lately, we predict that Blezinski will remain on the sidelines for at least a bit longer before carefully making his jump to start his own studio.

While the fans want to CliffyB to move forward and start building something new, his comments about the industry state that it is in what he calls “a massive state of turmoil;” and what we are starting to see is this is becoming a lot of crazy chaos. We can’t remember when the stage was better set for Microsoft and Sony to finally fight it out once and for all for living room dominance.

CliffyB suggests that the tumultuous nature has not been seen in this industry since 1980. While we are not sure that we are poised to repeat the video game industry crash of the 1980s, we have already seen it take its toll on several publishers, with THQ and Midway both giving up the ghost.

Then there are the developers. One talented studio after another has gone under. We have bid farewell to some of our favorites, including Bizarre Creations, Blackrock Studios, Hudson, Zipper Interactive, Big Huge Games, and these are just some of the ones that come to mind first. For most of them, when their staff were working on their latest project these talented people didn’t know that they were one game of poor sales away from the plug being pulled.

When you consider the situation and with new consoles coming, you would almost have to be crazy to want to invest your money into a brand new studio. Still, with the development of today’s titles measured in years, the sooner you get started the sooner you can get to release. Then, the question becomes whether this was the release that the studio and developers wanted because the game was done right and finished, or was the release date something that the publisher pushed them into?

We do fully expect CliffyB to come back at some point to the industry and build something new, but there is nothing wrong with waiting and letting the dust settle to get a better idea on which way the industry is headed for the next generation of consoles. As one of our sources recently said to us, “With the new consoles being so close to the high-end gaming PC, does this mean that developers will again embrace the PC and start releasing games for it again; and if they do, what (if any) impact will it have on the industry?”

There could be revival or disaster or something in between that we have not thought of yet. For the time being, we will enjoy the expert commentary provided by CliffyB as the future unfolds in the gaming industry.

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