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Destiny will be huge, that much is for sure

by on18 February 2013

Could be most ambitious game to be developed

After the reveal by Activision and Bungie, we now know that Destiny will be incredible, and could be the most ambitious game to ever be developed. The presentation, however, only gave an idea of the game and its concepts in the broadest of terms. Bungie is looking to fill in the specifics at a later date.

As for the engine and technology that is being used to power the Destiny experience, we also seem to have more questions than answers. We do know that the game is being released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for certain. In addition, release on next generation Microsoft and Sony consoles seems assured, but Wii U release seems very unlikely. As for a PC (and maybe even a Mac) release, Bungie had nothing to announce at this time.

As for Destiny itself, it is an online co-op gaming experience. That has not changed from what we originally had known. The game will require an online Internet connection to play. The game is not a subscription-based or free-to-play based title; whether it will offer or use micro-transactions is still apparently undecided at this point. Despite reports suggesting otherwise, the game isn’t an MMO title. Bungie is calling the title the first Shared World Shooter (or SWS); if you want to classify it as the genre it belongs to.

Neither Bungie nor Activision would be pinned down to an estimated release date. They had only to say that the game is still in development and development is progressing. It is a big and ambitious project and although it is already been in development for quite some time, it would seem there is no hurry to finish it; rather the stress is on the need to get it right.

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