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Wii U sales flat

by on30 January 2013

Is it struggling already?

Sales of the Wii U console have been a bit flat since the initial release of the console, according to retailers we have spoken with. While you could not get your hands on the console in North America during the holiday season, most retailers now have multiple units in stock with plenty of software to go with it.

Nintendo had a target of 5.5 million consoles to be sold by the end of March, and while we don’t know the numbers, it would seem by a number of released sales estimates that the company is going to come in short; the only question is how short.

Part of the problem would be the lack of the promised waves of exclusive titles for the console. We see them and they do appear to be coming, but not soon enough to help sales. The reality is that the sales of the Wii U are less than other recent console launches and the amount of software for the unit isn’t arriving fast enough.

The real question is if buyers of the console are already having buyer’s remorse what can Nintendo do to re-energize the fan base and get sales moving in the right direction again? Several studios that we have spoken with have indicated that they are still watching the Wii U’s sales before deciding if they will convert their upcoming titles to the console or if they will develop new titles for the console. The Wii U is going to have to start selling if it is going to get more of the third party software support that it needs.

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