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Qualcomm CEO not a fan of wearable augmented reality

by on16 January 2013

Jacobs thinks smart watches are the way to go

Qualcomm is the biggest player in the smartphone space and it is at the forefront of augmented reality technology, but CEO Paul Jacobs is not a huge fan of wearable augmented reality gear.

Jacobst told Pocket-lint that fully immersive augmented reality solutions, like Google Glass, tend to give people headaches. Literally.

"I spent a lot of time on glasses at one point," he said. "And the issue for me is that the ones that were very immersive I would get a headache from.”

Jacobs points out that a certain percentage of people get headaches from immersive augmented reality, which could be a major issue for marketers.

“I think that any consumer product that’s giving a high percentage of people a headache is pretty hard to sell,” he said.

So what’s the alternative? Jacobs says Qualcomm will focus on smart watches rather than futuristic goggles. A few smart watches were showcased at CES and the concept could finally start to take off this year, but there’s still a lot of teething problems to work out.

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Last modified on 16 January 2013
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