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Next gen consoles be revealed sooner than we think

by on15 January 2013

Press conferences said to be on tap for March

A number of sources have been pinging us with news that they believe the revelation from Game Informer, which says that both Microsoft and Sony will hold press conferences in March to officially announce their new consoles ahead of the game time at the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

GDC takes place in San Francisco between March 25th and 29th, and it is believed the reason this press conference needs to be held before GDC is to reveal the platform so that developers can show off what they have been working on.

The bigger and splashier events for both the new Microsoft and Sony consoles will come at E3 where the companies will talk titles and surprises. If announced ahead of GDC, expect the announcement to be more technical and to feature a lot of talk about the ability of the unit.

Sony seems to be driven to not allow Microsoft to release ahead of it in this cycle. Recent talk seems to favor Sony being able to release their new console ahead of Microsoft, but that is still pure speculation at this point because no one really knows how motivated Microsoft is to keep this from happening.

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