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HR44 to be next whole-home HD DVR for DirecTV

by on11 January 2013

Will offer both an external PSU and new remote

DirecTV is not wasting any time releasing its next whole home satellite HD DVR Genie powered box. The new box will eventually replace the HR34, which actually hasn’t been around that long. The biggest improvement you will find in the HR44 is speed, thanks to its new processor.

The HR44 is small and that is the first thing that you notice right away. It is also quiet, too, thanks to its new cooling technology that is not that far from what we have seen in past PC designs. The HR44 does have a fan, but it will come on and run only in the most extreme situations. In addition, the move to an external power supply in the unit is a great help in keeping the unit cool, but some may not like the decision.

The HR44 can handle the recording of up to 5 incoming feeds to its 1TB hard drive. The new processor’s speed increase is evident not only on the HR44 itself, but on the remote clients its serves in other rooms. In addition to the DirecTV C31, built-in compatible HDTVs from Samsung and Sony will offer support, as well. Apparently, a PlayStation 3 can also be connected to the HR34 using its internal Wi-Fi support.

The biggest change that might be a big deal is the new hand fitting smaller remote that DirecTV is bundling with the unit. We are not actually sure how to feel about the remote’s design, as it seems to us that both the volume and channel buttons are more than a little small, but we do like the tactile click action that the new buttons provide when pressed. As for compatibility with this remote and older units, that remains a mystery that DirecTV has yet to officially comment on.

As is DirecTV’s custom, the company would only confirm that they would release the HR44 at some point this year; and they didn’t have any pricing information to share at this time.

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