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Halo 4 map pack releases decided

by on27 November 2012

Microsoft confirms the month, but not the date

Halo 4 fans already want more, and that ‘more’ is the promised map packs that are already coming; but when they will arrive has been the topic of rumors for weeks now. The rumors can be laid to rest. Thanks to a leak, Microsoft has confirmed the release months for the upcoming map packs for Halo 4.

The Halo 4 Map Packs are slated to be released in December, February, and April. While we don’t know the exact release dates, more information is expected to be coming soon as the company prepares to sell its “Halo 4 War Games Pass.” The War Games Pass is offering the map packs at a discounted price if you opt to purchase the War Games Pass, rather than purchase them individually. As of yet, we do not know the cost of the map packs or the War Games Pass.

News of the release months for the Map Pack months, as well as the War Games Pass, was outed by a dashboard advertisement in Germany that was captured. According to that ad, the Crimson Pack is slated for release December 10th, followed by the Majestic Pack which will arrive February 25th, and finally, the Castle Pack which will arrive April 1st. Because Microsoft is responsible for the dashboard content, we have to think this information could be accurate, but Microsoft wants us to believe that at least right now it is subject to change.

Last modified on 27 November 2012
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