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It’s official, Apple fandom is a religion

by on25 October 2012

Too bad Christopher Hitchens isn’t around to sum it up

A Canadian anthropologist has published a survey into the Apple fan culture and she came to the inevitable conclusion - Apple fandom is a religious movement.

Kirsten Bell, an anthropologist at the University of British Columbia, likened Apple launch events to religious events.

"A stranger observing one of the launches could probably be forgiven for thinking they had stumbled into a religious revival meeting," she told TechNewsDaily.

Bell points out that Apple launches take place in buildings littered with sacred Apple symbols and Apple leaders tend to resemble religious leaders in their keynotes.

"Like many Sacred Ceremonies, the Apple Product Launch cannot be broadcast live," notes Bell. "The Scribes/tech journalists act as Witness, testifying to the wonders they behold via live blog feeds."

Also, Apple emphasizes its origin story and its founder, a quite common practice in new religious movements and dangerous money grabbing cults who enforce their will with lawyers. But enough about Scientology, Apple’s origin story also mimics major religions, in that it features the triumphant return of the messiah and even a schism of sorts, i.e. Woz.

However, at least in one respect Apple is still not a true religion. Apple followers actually get something for their money, overpriced perhaps, but still tangible.

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