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Apple reportedly looking into carbon fibre

by on27 September 2012

Featherweight MacBooks could be on the way

Cupertino is reportedly mulling a major shift in MacBook manufacturing. For the first time in years Apple could drop the iconic all-metal build and switch to carbon fiber instead.

Carbon fiber has been a staple of the aeronautical industry for decades, car manufacturers also use it to shed weight on high performance cars and nowadays you can also find it on high end bikes. According to Macatakara, Apple has already placed an order for fiber components from a Japanese company. A large order.

It is still not clear whether this signifies an all out switch to carbon fiber, or whether Cupertino is just toying with the idea, although the rumoured size of the order makes it a bit more serious. Carbon fiber would make even lighter and possibly slightly thinner designs possible, but it does not come cheap. However, being a premium brand, Apple can afford to charge a bit more.

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