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GTA IV includes hip-hop DJ music

by on29 April 2008


DJ Green Lantern lays down the tracks

Grand Theft Auto IV, the new game from Take-Two Interactive, is expected to launch at midnight on April 29th and to be a phenomenal hit. The game includes customized music from hip-hop DJ Green Lantern, who indicated he produced a custom radio station for the in-game songs and for “Rockstar” that will launch on May 19th. Instead of just stringing together a group of licensed tracks, the New York DJ, producer and label owner developed approximately 10 new songs.

Green Lantern indicated in an interview that he became involved in the GTA IV Soundtrack when he was contacted by Take-Two. “They reached out sometime last year when they were putting together the in-game radio shows. They wanted me to do what I do with making songs and mixing them up as a DJ and producer. They got a couple of people over there that are really in tune to what's going on and they understand I both play music as a DJ and also make music. So they had the idea to give me my own show and create all brand-new music, so it could be a first.”

He went on to say, “…But really what it's about is stepping into the world of music supervision and doing something for arguably the biggest title of the game world and see what else I can do next. The next step would probably be me being hands-on and either developing something for a game or just developing a game period. We'll see what comes along….We're living in a new age. It's not all about record sales anymore. In this day and age you really have to understand that people are consuming certain things and videogames are one of them. ”

GTA IV is highly anticipated by video gamers and in fact has already been leaked. Those who have seen it claim it is an incredible new release and has been well worth the wait.

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