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EA likely first 3rd publisher to try Crossbuy

by on16 August 2012


NFS: Most Wanted the likely title for Vita

Electronic Arts could be the first 3rd party developer to try Sony’s Crossbuy scheme for Vita with their upcoming release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The Crossbuy would allow owners of the PlayStation 3 version to get the Vita version for free as an added bonus. While EA says that they have no specific plans to announce or confirm at this time, they have admitted to our sources that they are giving it serious consideration.

As we told you about Sony’s Crossbuy, it would seem that it really isn’t getting that many people excited, but as an analyst told us, “Let’s see what games and the number of games are in the Crossbuy program before we write the entire idea off.”  We have to agree that it is too soon to tell if it will be a success, but interest from 3rd party developers is a good sign.

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