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Is the OnLive deal with Ouya a game changer?

by on30 July 2012

We think it is still too early to tell its impact

As we told you, cloud gaming streaming service provider OnLive has signed a deal to provide its service for the Ouya Android console that is the Android Kickstarter project that we have been telling you about. The fact that Ouya was able to get this deal done is interesting, but its true impact will remain somewhat mystery will the console is released.

Analysts that we spoke with told us that while it does give the Ouya content right away, its impact will not likely make gamers choose to purchase one for this feature alone. Since you can already get OnLive on a number of other platforms, the announcement might fall on deaf ears.

“The key will be exclusive titles and titles that are ported and converted to the Ouya platform specifically and that is where the rubber will meet the road”, one analyst told us.

The good news is, however, that for OnLive it will get its service in front of more potential players, many of whom have never used or considered using the service. This is a good thing for OnLive, but we are not sure that it really strengthens the position of the Ouya. Still, developers that we have spoken with are paying attention to what is going on with the Ouya and it should be noted that many of them who have already released Android titles are looking at Ouya-specific or enhanced versions to dip their toe in the water, so to speak. This is good news, but the best news is the Ouya continues to be talked about and to build momentum.

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