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Sales of Tony Hawk HD have been strong

by on30 July 2012

XBLA sales of over 120,000 in the first week

Well, those that were ready to put the last nail in the coffin of the Tony Hawk franchise had better hold off, as the skateboarding title is still able to sell. Xbox Live Arcade sales of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD title have topped over 120,000 in the first week of release, which (given the fact that it was a HD re-mastered version of a greatest hits version of the first two Tony Hawk games) is a bit surprising.

The sales have impressed developer RoboModo and publisher Activision, considering that it has not yet been released for either the PlayStation 3 or PC and those versions are in the pipeline for release. While the reviews of the HD version of the Hawk have been a bit harsh, suggesting that the control was a bit sketchy and difficult to handle, it does not seem to be affecting sales of the title.

It isn’t clear why players are buying it, but those that have purchased it will be excited to learn that we hear that an add-on pack with additional levels is more than a likely possibility now. Despite the fact that it has not been announced, we believe that it is now pretty much assured that it is going to happen.

As for the future of the Tony Hawk franchise, we know that it will not contain skateboard controllers, but it is looking like a more retro return to a bigger and badder Tony Hawk game could be in the future if sales and demand show that the franchise has additional life. It also can’t hurt that EA isn’t doing the Skate titles these days, and it does seem to open up a window for Activision.

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