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HD version of NiGHTS planned for fall

by on06 July 2012

Only a 16-year wait for it to arrive

When you wait for sixteen years for something to arrive, you are surely dedicated. Sega Saturn fans have been hoping for 16 years (since its initial release on the Saturn) that the company would make NiGHTS available for another platform. Finally, the wait is over, and NiGHTS HD is coming this fall.

Sega is whipping up a NiGHTS into dreams, a new and improved widescreen 16x9 HD version of the game complete with leaderboards, achievements and trophies. NiGHTS will be released on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, and digital download for the PC. (We are hearing some rumors of a Wii U version, but the source we spoke with tells us not to count on that.) For those that are curious, NiGHTS will feature the ability to see the actual graphics of the Saturn version so that you can compare the new vs. the old.

The new version of NiGHTS brings what we hope are the first in a long line of Saturn titles that are converted, enhanced, and re-released. Despite the difficulty that programmers found in programming the unit, as the unit matured a number of very good original titles were developed that were unique to Saturn. The short shelf life that the Saturn held caused many people to miss out on some of the excellent titles developed for the Saturn.

Although Sega isn’t talking about it yet, our sources indicate that it is possible we might see a Saturn collection in the future that is similar to the Dreamcast collection. If this turns out to be accurate, Sega is already planning for a few more Saturn titles in the near future, and that is okay with us.

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