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Txt msging use grows

by on18 April 2008


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According to a survey conducted by the CTIA, an association that represents wireless carriers, text messaging has grown into and continues to grow into a phenomenal success and cash cow for wireless service providers. 

Last December, more than 48 billion text messages were sent, which breaks down to about 1.6 billion per day. That number, just for the month of December 2007, represents a 157% increase over last year’s usage. Additionally, 4 billion pictures and multi-media messages were sent wirelessly during the June-December time period in 2007, versus 2.7 billion that were sent during the entire calendar year of 2006.

Despite these impressive statistics, wireless data services still only accounts for about 17% of all wireless service revenues, with the remainder going to voice services. Wireless service providers reported approximately $71 billion in revenues for the period of June-December 2007. For the entire calendar year of 2007, wireless data revenues increased 53% over 2006 to $23 billion.

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