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GameStop to pull PSP from smallest stores

by on14 May 2012

25% of the company’s stores will no longer offer it

In a move that is catching some by surprise, GameStop is poised to stop selling PlayStation Portable titles in its smallest units. This move will see 25% of the stores in the GameStop chain no longer offering PSP titles.

GameStop is spinning the move as a necessary need to consolidate space within the store to maximize space for merchandising other products. Whispers we hear suggest that at least some of the space will be devoted to the PlayStation Vita, but if the Vita does not start turning better numbers, it, too, could be on the way out.

The decision can’t make Sony happy at all, but if it has the byproduct of increasing the sales of the Vita, we suspect that they will be all for it. We do think that the news will be good for independent retailers who we expect will increase the space they devote to the PSP in areas where GameStop has removed PSP support.

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