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Next iPhone rumors are starting again

by on04 May 2012

Redesign will bring large screen and new connector

In what seems the never-ending saga of what Apple will do next with iPhone, we are hearing whispers of a larger screen, 2 millimeters shaved off the thickness of the phone, and a new docking connector. (The new docking connector isn’t going to make a lot of iPhone users happy.)

The screen is said to be bigger and square in the corners, rather than rounded. It is unknown if the maker of the screen will include Gorilla Glass, but we suspect that it will use updated Gorilla Glass and that Apple will not ditch a product that has been so successful for them.

Perhaps the biggest rumor is that the new iPhone will feature the Qualcomm MDM9615 LTE 4G chip that will add LTE connectivity, but if true, the need for a bigger battery becomes greater; this might see Apple develop in-cell touch panel technology, with which Apple could shave an additional .44 millimeters.

The unveiling of the new iPhone is still several months away. The rumors of an iPhone Mini seem to be dying down, which means (according to our sources) that it is unlikely being prepared for release; Apple will instead continue using older models as their low-cost offerings.

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