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Could Crimson Skies be resurrected?

by on16 April 2012

Maybe if the new Shadowrun is a success

Crimson Skies has held a special place in our hearts since it was released for the original Xbox. It simply was a fun game to play, and if Jordan Weisman has his way, it could be the next franchise that he attempts to resurrect.

Right now, Weisman is working to launch a Kickstarter project for Shadowrun Returns, and it has already surpassed its target amount. He would like to tackle Crimson Skies next; but while some discussions have taken place, it is still a long way off from it being reality.

Back in 2007, Smith & Tinker licensed the rights to Crimson Skies as well as Shadowrun and MechWarrior, but the projects never got off the ground. Right now, Weisman is focused on Shadowrun Returns, but if successful it could lead to a return to the 1930s air pirate game in the future.

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