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Apple already has 7.85-inch iPad prototype?

by on05 April 2012

1024x768 screen apparently

Rumours of a new iPad mini just won’t go away. According to tech writer John Gruber, who has a pretty good track record when it comes to Apple rumours, a 7.85-inch iPad is real.

Gruber claims Cupertino already has prototypes in its labs, but it is still unclear when, if ever, the new iPad will launch. Apple dismissed the notion of 7-inch tablets on several occasions and Steve Jobs said they were simply too small.

However, Apple could be taking a preemptive approach this time around. The 7-inch Kindle Fire is doing rather well and Google is expected to launch a cheap 7-incher of its own. While they hardly pose an immediate threat for Apple’s dominance, it would make sense for Apple to enter the market as well.

The iPad mini is said to feature a 1024x768 screen, so it is the same resolution as first and second generation iPads, but thanks to the somewhat smaller screen it should offer superior pixel density of about 163ppi. So, in terms of pixel density it should match the Kindle, but then again it will be no match for the rumoured 1280x800 screen of Google’s new 7-inch tablet.

It all depends on the price. With the old iPad 2 starting at $399, Apple would have to offer the 7.85-incher at a much more appealing price, probably closer to $250.

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