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New iPad not compatible with European 4G networks

by on14 March 2012

Why don’t ya Europeans learn to speak American?

Apple’s new iPad is hands down the best tablet on the market, but it does come with a few quirks.

Apparently the 4G version does not support any 4G frequencies used in Europe. In Northern America, carriers use 700MHz and 2100MHz spectrums for 4G service, however, Europeans use 800MHz, 1,800MHz and 2,600MHz, which leads us to conclude that at some point in the design stage Apple hired Sarah Palin, gave her an atlas and asked her to iron out a few details.

However, to be fair to Apple most Europeans stick with 3G anyway and 3G service in Europe is pretty fast and relatively affordable compared to the US, while 4G is superior in the States. Still, Apple should have probably dropped the 4G moniker from iPads shipped overseas.

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