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Intel announces Internet in your pocket

by on02 April 2008


What kind of pants are those?

No, it’s not
the pants – this is all pure Intel magic. This Wednesday in Shanghai, Intel announced that the next big thing in consumer electronics will be Internet in your pocket.

Their goal is to fill the gap between laptops and smartphones and follow in the footsteps of one the most popular smartphones on the market –  the iPhone. However, there’s a catch. Since this will be an Intel device, it will be far more compatible with Intel’s mobile and desktop processors for which most of the software is written.

However, this first generation of devices will be aimed at data and not voice, so they won’t be smartphones, but rather ultra-compact notebooks and a range of tablet-sized devices for Web-browsing and chat.

You can read more here.


Last modified on 02 April 2008
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