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360 Collector’s Edition release confirmed

by on27 February 2012

Only confirmed for Europe, but likely for N.A., as well

Microsoft is planning to release a 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition bundle of the Xbox 360 slim. The 10th Anniversary Edition is currently only 100% confirmed for Europe so far, according to our sources; but it is suspected that North America will also be getting the same bundle by summer.

The 10th Anniversary Edition will include an Xbox 360 slim in black with two wireless black controllers and the 250GB hard drive, which isn’t a big deal; but the console will also offer a retail copy of Halo: Anniversary and digital download codes for full copies of Gears of War 2, Fable 3, and Halo: Reach. Microsoft is also throwing in a 3-Month Xbox Live pass and a wired headset to complete the bundle.

It is expected that if and when the Anniversary Bundle hits North America it will carry a price tag of between $350 and $370. (We believe that a $350 price tag in North America is likely.) Sources say that the Anniversary bundle will be released in Europe starting on March 9th, and we expect that Microsoft will make an announcement on the North American Anniversary Bundle later this week or early next week, if our sources are correct.

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