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Borderlands 2 for Android?

by on22 February 2012

Only if it is powered by Tegra 3

A version of Borderlands 2 is apparently in development for Android, according to those who saw it running at PDXLAN 19 last week. While we don’t know the specifics, we do know that it was running on a Tegra 3 powered Android tablet.

What is unknown is whether it is actually a full version of Borderlands 2 or a dubbed down version just for Android tablets that have a Tegra 3 chip. As Borderlands 2 is a big-time console title, if it is going to actually make it into release both Google and Nvidia will be dancing in the streets to celebrate.

Those that saw it say that it was good, but not fully polished and still had a ways to go. Reportedly, folks from Gearbox were showing it off; but it seems that Gearbox is not ready to get chatty about what they might be working on as far as an Android title, if any. Time will tell, but this is surely worth waiting for.

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