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New LA Noire possible

by on14 February 2012

Despite closure of Team Bondi

Rockstar claims that despite the closure of Team Bondi last year after the release of the first LA Noire, the company isn’t ruling out the possibility of an LA Noire sequel. While there isn’t currently anything planned, that isn’t saying there will not be a new game in the LA Noire franchise in the future. For sure there will not be any additional downloadable content for the current LA Noire.

While the news might leave some fans of LA Noire unhappy, Rockstar points to other Rockstar titles, such as Red Dead and Max Payne, both of which took a long time to finally get around to making new games in those franchises. Rockstar claims that it is more of an issue with bandwidth and timing than anything else when they decide where to deploy resources and which games to produce.

In other Rockstar news, the studio says that they are very hard at work on the new GTA V, but we can expect it to be at least a few more months before the studio will start filling in the details of the highly anticipated release of this title. The two biggest questions that remain are which platforms will get GTA V and when it will be released. While sources say that Rockstar would like a holiday release yet this year, it is going to be a while before the company is apparently ready to confirm this fact.

You can read more right from Rockstar right here.

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