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BestBuy returning HD DVD inventory

by on28 March 2008


The end of HD DVD titles at this brick and mortar

According to a memo that we saw today that was sent out to BestBuy store managers, Best Buy will be removing the last of the HD DVD inventory they have on their shelves starting March 26th. Blu-ray discs will be spread out to cover the HD DVD section until more Blu-ray titles can be shipped to stores to help fill the shelf space.

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen BestBuy shrink the amount of space that they had been devoting to HD DVD titles after the Toshiba announcement. In addition, with the announcement of the $50 BestBuy gift card that is being sent out to HD DVD purchasers, it really comes as no surprise that they are pulling the remaining HD DVD title inventory out of their stores. BestBuy had not really gone into fire sale mode at the brick and mortar level to blow out their remaining HD DVD titles. While on the BestBuy Web site there were some deals to be had, at the retail level some discounts were offered, but the sales never reached the level that we have already seen at other online retailers who have been holding mass fire sales to clear out their HD DVD inventory.

With BestBuy’s move to eliminate its remaining HD DVD title inventory, finding HD DVD titles in many U.S. cities at the retail store level just became a lot more difficult. Many of the HD DVD faithful have been stocking up on HD DVD titles at fire sale prices, which have led to some interesting sales figures over the last month or so.

What many are wondering is where the pulled BestBuy HD DVD titles will wind up for final close out? We suspect that BestBuy already has a plan in place to move these titles and it may, in fact, be with movie studio assistance. From what we have been hearing, some HD DVD titles are either close to out of stock or are already out of stock in studio warehouses. Could titles start being pulled from brick and mortar locations in an effort to help fill replenishment requests from online retailers who are out of stock and are able to move more inventory? Only time will tell.

Last modified on 28 March 2008
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