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Action Pants studio closed

by on18 January 2012

Ubisoft unable to find success

Ubisoft’s Action Pants studio, which is better known as Ubisoft Vancouver, has been closed by the publisher. The studio is best known for its Pure Futbol and Academy of Champions Soccer titles. Of course, many of you might not know of these titles, which is a major part of Ubisoft’s problem.

In a statement Ubisoft claims that they could not find the right formula for success with their Vancouver studio; and despite the hard work of the staff it was just unable to make things work. Pure Futbol didn’t have what it took to take on the heavyweight FIFA soccer titles from EA Sports.

Ubisoft will be giving team members the chance to consider filling positions at other Ubisoft studios in Canada. It is unknown, however, how many of the staff would really consider relocating across the country to Ubisoft’s other studios in Toronto, Quebec, or Montreal. Ubisoft did not indicate in their release how many were affected by the closure.

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