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iMac to come with TV functionality?

by on08 December 2011

Ahead of actual Apple HDTV

A blending of the iMac with TV functionality (ahead of an actual HDTV offering) is what one analyst believes will be Apple’s strategy. Brain Blair of Wedge Partners released a note suggesting that while he believes that an actual HDTV is in Apple’s future, the company will try an in-between step first.

What Blair thinks Apple will do is add TV functionality to the iMac product line with its refresh expected early this year. The iMac with TV support would offer most of the features of the current AppleTV box. while adding a tuner and additional streaming support.

Once Apple does move toward a dedicated HDTV model, look for the company to start with a smaller screen size and scale up to larger models. In addition, it is expected that the dedicated HDTV offering would integrate the existing AppleTV functionality from the stand-alone box directly into the set itself.

Rumors of a dedicated Apple TV have persisted for quite a while now, with the most interesting of these rumors suggesting that the Apple television product would make use of Apple’s Siri voice recognition technology to allow users to control their TV without a remote. The rumors have been further fueled by comments in the authorized Steve Jobs biography where he hints about a new product with the simplest interface you could imagine.

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