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MW3 to get 20 DLC packs

by on28 November 2011

Elite premium members get them early

Now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been released and some of the action has died down, the attention turns to the upcoming DLC map packs that Activision is expected to offer for MW3.

The latest talk says that the company is planning no less than 20 separate map packs for release for MW3. As expected, Call of Duty Elite premium members will receive the DLC ahead of its general release, but we don’t yet know how early this will actually be.

Leaked screen shots over the weekend have led to talk of the first five maps in DLC pack one as Morning Wood, Concrete, Park, Italy, and Overwatch. It should be pointed out (as if you didn’t already know) that Overwatch is the title of a MW2 map and there is no telling if there is a remake of that map for MW3 or not.

20 map packs makes us want to scratch our heads and wonder if this isn’t a bit too much left out of the game. Why not include more of this content, rather than milking the players for more cash? However, if there is money to be made, then someone will try to cash in.

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