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Former Yahoo CEO says Yahoo board effed her over

by on09 September 2011


Bartz goes ballistic
In her first interview since she got the boot, the now former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz went ballistic against the Yahoo board.

Apparently, Bartz said “These people f***** me over”. She also said that the manner of how she got axed was quite cowardly, as Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock did it over the phone.

Bartz claimed that she told Bostock off, accusing him of not having the balls to tell her face to face and telling him that she thought he was classier. Strangely enough, Bartz will remain on the board, although she did find the time to call her director colleagues doofuses.

To be fair, Bartz did well during her tenure by slashing costs and increasing profit margins, but she failed to improve revenue growth at a critical time.

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Last modified on 09 September 2011
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