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Nokia to discontinue low-end & Symbian offerings

by on10 August 2011

Only in North America so far, but other regions possible
The first wave of Windows Phone 7 offerings from Nokia are coming to North America and to make way for them Nokia is making some changes. The company has decided to exit the low-end and Symbian offerings in North America. This decision is likely good for the company, as North American users tend to shy away from low end phone models and seem to have little interest in Symbian smartphone offerings.

The company is betting the house on their ability to execute with the new Windows Phone 7 offerings. The new models that Nokia is developing are targeted at the North American market space. The company is hoping to be successful with their Windows Phone 7 offerings, but so far the jury is out on whether they can be successful with these Windows Phone 7 offerings or not. We have to admit, from what we have seen so far, it will prove interesting to see Nokia moving in this direction. The first Windows Phone 7 offerings will arrive in North America later this year, it is not yet known which carriers will be offering them.
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