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RIAA's file sharing expert 'borderline incompetent'

by on22 February 2008


Professor slams tech expert

Dr. Doug Jacobson, the tech expert behind many of the RIAA's P2P cases, has been slammed as being borderline incompetent by a top professor.

Professor Johan Pouwelse says that evidence Jacobson has been presenting before U.S. courts for the RIAA, which proves the music industry has caught the right person, was seriously flawed.

Pouwelse, who is testifying on behalf of Marie Lindor, said that procedures that need to verify hat a specific computer had been uploading copyright works have not been taken.

He added that RIAA expert witness work lacked “in-depth analysis” and “proper scientific scrutiny” while reports were described as “factually erroneous.”

Pouwelse claims that techniques used by the RIAA's Media Sentry have not been properly tested, are “overly simplistic” and “fail the test for accurate peer to peer file sharing measurement.”

He said Jacobson’s methods were “self-developed,” “unpublished” and not accepted by the scientific community. Jacobson’s investigative process was “unprofessional.”

In his summary, Pouwelse said that Jacobson has shown “borderline incompetence” and that the “allegations of copyright violations are not proven.”

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