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Has a deal been cut to acquire PopCap?

by on23 June 2011

Talk a buzz that a deal is about to happen
A number of sources are confirming to us the same thing that you are hearing every place else. A deal has been cut to acquire PopCap that is valued at over 1 billion dollars, if reports are true. Of course, we have reached out but all we hear from the PopCap side is that they do not comment on rumors or speculation.

Our sources seem to agree with what TechCrunch wrote, which is that the buyer is most likely Electronic Arts, DeNA (which is a Japanese mobile group), or maybe Tencent, which is a Chinese company. Tencent recently made a splash with their purchase of League of Legends. DeNA purchased ngmoco last year and our Japanese sources say that they are looking to expand their reach.

With the asking price by PopCap said to be so high, it seems that there really are only a few players who could step up and cut a deal. We suspect if an announcement is coming we will hear about it later today.

Here is the original TechCrunch report.


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