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SP1 release causes backlash

by on12 February 2008


Users pirating to test

SP1 users are fuming about how Microsoft has released its service pack.

On the TechNet Plus blog some have even admittied that they have had to download pirated copies so that they can begin testing, and others are claiming that the delay scuttles their Vista deployment plans.

More than 130 users and subscribers slammed Microsoft's plan to not make the RTM version of SP1 available immediately. Microsoft is only providing a full install copy of the operating system in "early March" to TechNet and MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscribers.

It claims that hardware drivers are responsible for the delay. The comments include things like "Microsoft has done some really boneheaded stuff, but this ranks right up at the top."  Others say that Microsoft has "chosen to kick its core user base right where it hurts."

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Last modified on 13 February 2008
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