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Ubisoft to enter guitar game space

by on16 March 2011


Rocksmith title will use real guitars
With Activision putting Guitar Hero on hiatus for the time being, this apparently has opened the door for another publisher to fill the void in the rhythm guitar game space. Ubisoft has announced that they will be releasing a new rhythm guitar game to be called Rocksmith.

Rocksmith will take a new approach, as the title will let you strum though tunes by popular artists such as David Bowie and The Rolling Stones using any electric guitar that they have (as  long as the guitar has a quarter-inch input jack that will connect to some sort of a provided mystery box) that will connect to your console.

According to our sources, Rocksmith is actually none other than Guitar Rising that was in development at developer GameTank. Apparently, Ubisoft has purchased the rights to Guitar Rising and is remaking it into Rocksmith.

The title is slated for release during the second half of this year and we expect that we will hear much more about it at E3.

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