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Toshiba to air HD DVD ad during Superbowl

by on31 January 2008


No HD DVD fire sale

seems to be throwing everything that it can at the Blu-ray camp in what some are describing as a last ditch effort to change the perception that HD DVD is dead. The latest news is that Toshiba will spend big bucks to air a 30 second advertising spot promoting HD DVD during the Superbowl. Some analysts are suggesting that it is too little too late, and that minds are not going to be changed by a single ad.

In a bit of good news for Toshiba or a bit of gun jumping… you will have to decide which it is. The rumors that started to circulate that Circuit City would be discontinuing their sales of HD DVD and they would be clearancing out the remaining HD DVD players they had in stock seem to have been a failure to communicate. According to Circuit City, the pictures of clearance signs on HD DVD players were a “pricing error” and they denied that they have pulled the plug on HD DVD. Circuit City is claiming that they will continue to make both formats available.

The recent price cut by Toshiba does seem to be making an impact, as the sales of HD DVD standalone players is on the rise. While the price cuts last week did narrow the gap, Blu-ray still is enjoying a 2 to 1 advantage in player sales over HD DVD, but that is much better than the 9 to 1 numbers that came in prior to the price cuts.

Toshiba also seems to be the beneficiary of some positive press for its HD-A35 high-end HD DVD player. The HD-A35 has received some very good reviews, with reviewers commenting that the player is an excellent upconverting DVD player. And now that it is 50% off, it makes the player an excellent value with incredible performance for the money.

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