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Space next frontier MMO for Codemasters

by on30 January 2008


Jumpgate by end of 2008

The online division of Codemasters has staked out space as the next frontier for its new space combat title which will be called Jumpgate. Jumpgate will be developed for Codemasters by NetDevil in the U.S.

Jumpgate is being called a space-oriented combat MMO that will allow players to select from three different nations that will be playable within the game. Gamers will be able to battle, trade, and raid while deciding if they should choose the life of space pirate or elite space hero.

According to Codemaster, the goal with Jumpgate is to deliver something new and fresh to the MMO genre with the centerpiece of the game being the new “twitch-based space combat,” which will set Jumpgate apart from other MMO titles.

According to Codemasters, they will be the exclusive provider for Jumpgate in Europe, but currently are actively seeking a partner to bring it to North America. The current time table sees NetDevil getting Jumpgate ready to roll out before the end of 2008.

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