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Razer responds to Destructor review

by on15 January 2008


Will make a production tweak to address Fudzilla issue

Normally, when we review products most manufacturers take the positive and negative that we say about a product with a grain of salt. More often times than not, companies don’t really take our comments to heart.

Imagine our surprise when we received an E-mail from Robert “Razer Guy” Krakoff letting us know that he has instructed his production engineers and factory operations teams to halt all consumer distribution of the Destructor until the side edges been rounded and smoothed, something that we commented about in our recent product review of The Destructor.

Krakoff and his team at Razer take the feedback from reviews very seriously, and this shows the company’s commitment to producing the ultimate gaming products. Krakoff said it best himself in the Email that he sent us, saying in part, “Thank you for your very honest and accurate review of our new mousing surface. Many thanks for pointing out the small issue that you noted with the edges of the Destructor. We are moving quickly to address the issue and this is proof that we listen to experts like yourself and our community in order to produce world class products.”

While the change is small and perhaps we were nit picking in our review by noting it, the fact remains that Razer took the feedback and responded quickly to address our concerns. This is the mark of a company that cares about the quality in every aspect of the products that it produces. Our hats are off to the Razer folks for addressing this small issue, and we believe that this small change will make the Destructor even better. It is nice to know that Razer is listening!

Last modified on 16 January 2008
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