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Fallout 3 new pictures

by on11 January 2008


Fraction description


The Official Fallout 3 Website has posted some new info about their hit game. Their Website now contains concept artwork, as well as detailed descriptions of “Brotherhood of Steel,” one of the in-game factions.


If you have had a chance to play the first part or its sequel, then you already know about the faction. I mean, it took a superhuman effort to get our hands on Brotherhood of Steel armor or weaponry. But once we managed to do that, we revisited all the “losers” that annoyed us in previous cities, and we “explained a couple of things!” Come and get some…


“Brotherhood of Steel” will continue to be the strongest military faction, so if you’ve never played Fallout, this is your chance. The game should be out in fall 2008, and the setting is in the post-nuclear ruins of Washington, D.C. Following the first two sequels’ tradition, the game will only be available in single player mode

You can find more details here.


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