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Criterion was working on a skateboarding title

by on31 August 2010

Back in 2002 it was developing a Skate or Die game
Criterion Studios, best known for its racing games, has dabbled in other types of games in the past. For example, it developed the FPS title, Black, for the Xbox and the hoverboard game, Trickstyle. In fact, Electronic Arts was so impressed with Trickstyle that it was developing a new skateboarding game for EA back in 2002.

The story goes that Criterion was working on a new Skate or Die game which would be a new chapter in the skateboarding series for EA. During development, however, apparently things didn’t go as planned with visions of the new title clashing between what Criterion was building and what EA actually wanted.

According to those that can remember that far back to 2002, EA apparently was looking for and wanted a skateboarding title that was more like a skateboarding game crossed with GTA that was open world. EA looked at what Criterion was developing and told them that they couldn’t just make a Tony Hawk game, which at this point in time was the gold standard of skateboarding games. Criterion instead went back to doing racing titles and started working on Burnout 3.

From what has been whispered, apparently some threats were made by both sides; and only now are things right as rain between the studio and Electronic Arts. Apparently, EA got its skateboard vision when Black Box released the first chapter in the Skate series for the company. A new Skate or Die title never got made, but you never know. Of course, we are personally waiting for a new SSX Tricky title, and it has been a long wait.

You can read more about the strange series of events here.
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