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China to get new gaming console

by on30 August 2010

eBox to be fueled with technology from Lenovo
Lenovo is going to ‘sort of’ get into the gaming console business as a partner with eedoo Technology Ltd. to help design and build a new gaming console, called the eBox, for the Chinese market. Lenovo apparently is an investor in the project as well as both Legend Holdings and Legend Capital.

The big draw of the eBox will apparently be the development and use of a motion tracking technology that is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. The eBox hardware will have the ability to track the user’s movement and translate them into movement within the game. It is unknown if the eBox will offer a controller option, as well, but we suspect that this will be the case.

While the abilities of the console are vastly unknown at this time, it is said that the console will not have the graphics horsepower found in an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 because the primary focus is said to be on family-oriented and casual games that make the players get up off the couch and exercise.

Once released, the company expects to be able to sell 1 million eBoxes per year after the console arrives. Sources are suggesting that eedoo has lined up about $10 million in funding for the project. The company does not expect to have problems with releasing the console in China.

Recently, Microsoft has been working with the Ministry of Culture edict in China in hopes of being able to get the Xbox 360 and Kinect accessory to be able to be sold in China. Currently, the sale of gaming consoles is prohibited in China. Eedoo does not see the Xbox 360 as a competitor, as the company claims that they know the Chinese culture and customs better than potential competitors, which gives the company a big advantage to tailor the software for that market space.
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