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DTS has much planned for CES

by on04 January 2008

Returns to the main floor again this year

While most consumers know what Dolby is, only home theater enthusiasts really knows what DTS is; and this is because they prefer the high level of audio delivered by content that is encoded with DTS, rather than Dolby. DTS will return to the main floor again this year at CES with much new to talk about.

DTS will be featuring a variety of new next generation A/V receivers, as well as HD DVD and Blu-ray disc players that feature its DTS-HD Master Audio, which is a new lossless format from DTS.

In addition, DTS will also be showing its new DTS Surround Sensation headphone technology that simulates surround sound in a two-channel environment, such as headphones. DTS will be showing some new prototype PC software products that will be featuring DTS Surround Sensation technology which, of course, is of great interest to the Fudzilla staff. DTS will also be showing the latest PC software that features DTS-HD Master Audio.

Then there is the new XStreamHD technology for the delivery of music and movies with 1080p quality video. The XStreamHD technology features 7.1-channel audio to go along with 1080p video. The development of the XStreamHD technology has been led by George Gonzalez, who was responsible for the bi-directional satellite broadband router technology that he developed at iDirect.

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