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XBLA 1st half sales figures are in

by on30 July 2010

Toy Soldiers in the lead at the mid-point
Sales numbers are now starting to come to light from a number of sources as to the sales performance of Xbox Live Arcade releases so far this year. While there are six more months for titles to claim the highest sales for 2010, currently a surprise leader has emerged.

Toy Soldiers from developer Signal Studios is currently holding a slim lead over Trails HD from RedLynx Software. Microsoft normally does not talk too much about sales numbers, so a lot of this data comes from looking at and analyzing leaderboard numbers, among other things.

The releases on Xbox Live Arcade to this point in 2010 have featured a number of titles that have been quite good and some titles that should have done much better, but didn’t. Of course, like last year, a number of higher budget titles have been released in the last six months that have bordered on a total flop. It also does seem that despite the number of complaints and grumbling that has been raised since the move from most titles costing 800 Microsoft Points ($10), to now costing 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15) buyers are still very much engaged in the purchase of titles from the Xbox Live Market Place.

A number of high profile releases do have a chance to catch Toy Soldiers and post high sales numbers, but we are predicting that Toy Soldiers will hang on to its lead and remain the most profitable Xbox Live Arcade title released in 2010. Second half challengers such as Hydro Thunder Hurricane; Limbo; Monday Night Combat; Comic Jumper; Vanquish; A World of Keflings; Hydrophobia; and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair will have to break the bank to catch Toy Soldiers before the end of the year.
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