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Beta for Medal of Honor extended

by on21 July 2010

Only for PC and PlayStation 3 – 360 still MIA
Electronic Arts has announced that the current beta for the multiplayer mode of Medal of Honor for the PlayStation 3 and PC has been extended. Despite the news that the beta would end on July 18th, apparently this is no longer the case.

Of course, some of this is due in part to the missing in action Medal of Honor Beta for the Xbox 360. While information has been hard to come by on just what the exact problem is with the multiplayer beta for the Xbox 360, we do know that it has not been released. The latest is that the developer (which is DICE in this case) is apparently working on resolving the issues so that the beta can be released as soon as possible.

While we don’t know how long “as soon as possible” actually is, we do know that Medal of Honor is speeding toward its release on October 12th , and the continued delays can’t be going over well with Xbox 360 owners who pre-ordered the game so that they would get access to the beta. From what we hear, there will be an Xbox 360 Medal of Honor beta, but till it is released we have no clue how long it will run.

Whispers that we hear suggest that the problems could be resolved soon, but since we have been hearing this for some time now, we would not count on it. Instead, we suggest patience, because at this point all Xbox 360 owners can do is wait.
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