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Apple to crack down on Fake Steve Jobs?

by on24 December 2007


After 'Think Secret' we can shut down anyone

succeeding in shutting down the 'Think Secret' blog, it has been claimed that Apple lawyers are now trying to close down the Fake Steve Jobs site.

The site's owner Daniel Lyons announced that he was thinking of taking cash from Apple to shut down. Then he was contacted by Apple lawyers who told him that details of the plan had to remain secret or else it was all off. When he told them that it all had to be out in public, Apple said they would sue him over three posts which they claimed were 'actionable'.

First one is the one where he predicted that iPhone would have only one button while on an ayahuasca trip with Sting in the Amazon rain forest. Apple is claiming the blog post was based on a leak and that it amounts to me printing trade secrets. Second one was in October 2007 when the 'Fake Steve Jobs hinted about a forthcoming iPhone SDK. Apple claims that this was also a trade secrets. The third was in May 2007 when the 'Fake Steve Jobs' said there would be new hardware announced at the WWDC in June. Since everyone was saying that Apple was going to release hardware at WWDC that was a good guess. Apple says he had sources.

The lawyer sent a list of all Lyon's assets and threatened that he would lose them if he took on the company. The list includes his home address, most recent assessed value of his
house and all the information about his mortgage, a rental property that he owned, my bank accounts and investment accounts, including the college funds for his kids, the boat and two cars.

The difficulty most of people reading the Fake Steve Jobs site are having is working out if the story is real or not.
Last modified on 24 December 2007
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