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Contract free iPhone 4 sells for €843

by on24 June 2010

In Blighty, get it while it's in stock
A British retailer is selling contract-free, unlocked and steaming fresh iPhones for €843 or £693.

We’re talking about a black 32GB model and if you thought the price was too high, you might want to take a look at the other offers. German retailers want upwards of €1050, and unlike the Brits they don’t have any units in stock.

Of course, most consumers will go for a data plan, and in that case prices start at €107 for the 16GB model and €226 for the 32GB unit. Mind you, the data plans in question don’t come cheap, but they vary from region to region so we won’t go into the details.

You can get the contract-free iPhone 4 mentioned earlier here.
Last modified on 24 June 2010
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